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Banner Frames
Heavy Duty Banner Frame
Standard Duty Banner Frame
The Heavy duty banner frame is made from 30 mm diameter round anodised aluminium tubing, built to withdtand frequent outdoor use.
Easily carried these banner frames are supplied with carrying bag, elasticated banner fixing loops and ground pegs.

• High strength & durable.
Brushed silver finish.
• aluminium construction.
Available in sizes 1.5m - 9m (5ft - 30ft)
The Standard duty outdoor banner frame is the most popular outdoor banner frame, being lightweight these give the user flexibility to position their message where the targeted audience will see it. Options available for hard or soft surface standing.

Easy to transport and store.
Easy to assemble.
Available in sizes 1.5m - 9m (5ft - 30ft)
Doublesided Banner Frame
Overhead Banner Frame
The double sided banner frame boosts visibility from all angles. Banners can be fitted to both sides of the frame for maximum impact.

•  Easy to install and use.
•  Support struts now standard.
•  Available in sizes from 1.5m - 9m (5ft-30ft)
Overhead Banner is ideal if you want your banner to be seen over a wider distance, can be supplied as single span or double. Designed for use on soft ground.

Standard crossbar height 3.6m.
Single span 3.6m wide.
• Double span 6.7m wide.
Intermediate sizes available
Maxi Banner Frame
Outdoor A Banner Frame
The Maxi Frame offers the ultimate in heavy duty frames without needing to create fixed signage. Built from sturdy steel sections to withstand all weathers.

Galvanised steel construction.
Compatible with any eyeleted banner.
 Single or double sided.
Choice of base options.
The outdoor A Banner is the simplest of banner frames with push fit assembly this lightweight frame is an ideal banner option.

• Available in two widths 2m or 3m.
• single or double sided.
• Graphic height 860mm
Monsoon & Mini Monsoon
Vision banner comes with screw fit horizontal anodised aluminium poles for added rigidity, flexible bungee cord graphic attachment.

• Available in two widths 2m or 3m.
• single or double sided.
• Graphic height 1000mm
Double sided A frame banner suitable for outdoor or indoor use. also available as a wall mount option. Easy push fit join. Graphic secured with adjustable looped elastics supplied with ground pegs.

• 840mm x 1090mm
1090mm x 1090mm
1090mm x 2840mm
Outdoor Banner stands
Y Band
Voyager II
Y-Band rubust and stylish design which is light and portable. the base can be filled with water to make an eye-catching and secure outdoor display. The Y-Band will accommodate any banner with eyelets. Optional carry bag available. Suitable for single or double sided use.

• From 1600mm - 2100mm high.
From 450mm - 700mm wide.
 Installed in as little as 60 seconds.
The voyager II is a single sided outdoor banner stand, with water fillable base and a telescopic pole comes complete with delux carry bag.

• Graphic 2000mm (h) x 700mm (w)
Footprint 360mm (w) x 500mm (d)
Net weight 3.6kg
Landmark outdoor banner is a twin graphic banner stand, this stand comes with two spring-mounted telescopic poles, and a water fillable wheeled base with carry handle and swivel stabilising foot.

• Graphic 1440mm or 2015mm (h) x 800mm (w)
• Footprint 1000mm (w) x 780mm (d)
 Net weight 16.8kg
The typhoon is a 800mm wide single or double-sided outdoor roller banner, with a wheeled water bace which has a capacity of 26 litres. Carry bag included.

• Height 2170mm

• Graphic 2150mm x 800mm
• Footprint 1000mm (w) x 780mm (d)
 Net weight 15kg, 41kg with water.
The polar is an adjustable graphic width and height outdoor banner stand. Can be single or double-sided. Ideal for eyeletted PVC or mesh graphic. comes with a water bace which has a capacity of 18 litres. A optional carry bag set is available.

Height 1350mm - 2150mm

• Graphic 1200-2000mm x 650 - 800mm
• Footprint 650mm - 800mm (w) x 400mm (d)
 Net weight 4.3kg, 22.3kg with water.
The cyclone outdoor banner, is a single sided banner stand ideal for use with eyeletted PVC or mesh banner. This banner comes with tensioned rods and a 12 litre water base. Carry bag is included.

 Height 1900mm
 Footprint 800mm (w) x 540mm (d)
 Net weight 2.7kg, 15.2kg with water.
A double-sided retractable outdoor banner. Thunder is the ideal roller banner for outdoor use being strong and durable yet very easy to assemble and transport. At 2m high Thunder will display your message on both sides for maximum viewing impact. Comes with large twin feet and snap rail, and a three part bungee pole.

Graphic Height 2025mm
• 2080mm (h) x 900mm (w) x 820mm (d)

Single or double-sided outdoor tension banner, graphic is attached using snap rail technology, two spring loaded poles for extra wind resistance. Comes with a water filled base which can hold up to 28 litres.

Graphic Height 1960mm
• 2200mm (h) x 1020mm (w) x 780mm (d)

Single-sided stylish design outdoor banner stand with hollow plastic base for water or sand weighting, telescopic pole for adjustable heights and an adjustable rail for variable graphic widths.

Graphic Height 2000mm
• 2100mm (h) x 800mm (w) x 540mm (d)

Storm Hydro 2
Inflatable Column
Single or double-sided outdoor banner, weather resistant moulded plastic base for water or sand weighting

Graphic Height 1800mm
• 2135mm (h) x 813mm (w) x 533mm (d)

The horizon is an ideal outdoor banner when you have more space to work with giving maximum impact due to its overall size. Adjustable graphic height 1500 - 2400mm single or double-sided banner system, with a telescopic pole for adjustable height given up to 4.8m2 per side. Individual units can be joined together to form a wall with hollow feet for water or sand weighting.

• Overall height 3000mm

Base tank dimensions 800mm x 2400mm

Standing at 2.2 metres tall this is a great way to get noticed in a busy environment. Light weight and portable, this inflatable banner is easy to use. The fabric graphic is securely affixed over the inflatable column using hook and loop fastening around the base. The stand comes with 15 litre water base and can be pegged to the ground for extra stability.

• Graphic inflated 2200mm (h) x 450mm (w)
   x 450mm (d)

Hardware inflated 2200mm (h) x 450mm (w)
   x 450mm (d)
Pop-up Banners
Pop-up banners assembled in less than 20 seconds...

Whatever the activity, indoors or outdoors, Pop-Up Banners will ensure maximum exposure for any branding, with the absolute minimum of effort. Simply unpack these ultra lightweight, self-erecting banners from the carry case - and up they pop! Only this banner system lets you go from bag to installed in 20 seconds, (peg them down in strong winds)

• Integral frame.
• Available in many sizes and shapes.
• Simplicity itself to transport and store.
• Twin faces for all round impact.
• Comes complete with carry case & pegs.
Banner Size Options

• Mini Oval -1200mm x 700mm
• Medium Oval - 2000mm x 1000mm
• Large Oval - 2700mm x 1000mm
• XL Oval - 2850mm x 1250mm

• Mini Round -700mm x 700mm
• Medium Round - 1200mm x 1200mm
• Large Round - 1400mm x 1400mm

• Medium Square - 2000mm x 1000mm
• Large Square - 3000mm x 1000mm

• Medium Portrait - 1500mm x 1000mm
• 3 Sided Tower - 2000mm x 1000mm
Pop-up Marquees
Zoom Tent
Pop Up Marquees are an ideal way to create a focus for your product at outdoor events. They combine a self contained structure with the ability to install highly visible branding.

Each Pop Up Marquee has a concertina frame. The canopy and walls are made to suit to suit each customers individual requirements. They are created from flame retardant and highly durable PU coated polyester and PVC

Print can be added to the walls, pelmets and roofs on each side of the pelmets and roofs on each side of the marquee, full visuals are provided for every order.*Unbranded marquees available

Size choices 3m x 3m OR 4.5m x 3m
Frame choices industrial OR heavy duty frame
• 4 x printed walls
• 1 x printed canopy
• Wheeled frame bag
• Canopy bag
• 4 x pegs and guylines
Zoom Tent kit 3x3m includes frame and canopy with ground pegs, quick and easy to assemble and can shade up to 5 people.

Available options include:
Full wall, half wall with tube and clamp, water filled weights, 3.5m guide ropes, wheeled bag and printing.

Also available as full colour in four colours black, blue, white or red.

Other option available is Zoom Double 3x6m tent

Square Parasols

Ideal for outdoor events, The square parasol clicks into place when fully opened. Carry bag included, Optional black base available.

• Graphic area 1135mm (h) x 1940mm (w)
• Hardware 2600mm (h) x 2000mm (w) x 2000mm (d)

Circular Parasols

Ideal for outdoor events, The circular parasol comes with winding handle for easy opening and closing as well as a safety chain and pin to prevent closing. Carry bag included, Optional black base available.

• Graphic area 2578mm (h) x 2578mm (w)
• Hardware 2500mm (h) x 2600mm (w) x 2600mm (d)

Sign Boards
Sign Board Lite
Rok can support rigid graphic panels in a variety of substrates. Black moulded plastic base for water or sand weighting. Ideal for signposting, directional display and outdoor events.

Foamex graphic area up to 900mm x 600mm
MDF graphic area up to 1200mm x 800mm

• Hardware dimensions 130mm (h) x 120mm (w) x 400mm (d)

Strong and durable sign board made from high impact polystyrene sheets and internal hinged mechanism, with a large graphic area ideal for self adhesive or cut vinyl graphics.

• Hardware dimensions 750mm (h) x 500mm (w) x 380mm (d)

The Trojan is a free-standing portable and linkable information unit with a hollow base which can be weighted with water or sand. Supplied flat pack in three plastic pieces. A linking chain is also available to use for Que. Management.

• Visible graphic area 380mm (h) x 330mm (w)
• hardware dimensions 1200mm (h) x 380mm (w)

Forecourt Displays
The Limpit is a promoter unit with suction cup system for use on smooth surfaces, car roofs or glass. Easy to use and reposition with suction cup system. Accepts material up to 10mm thick

• Visible graphic area Variable
• Suction cup 120mm dia.

Vehicle Side Stand
The Side Stand allows motor dealers to make the most of using cost-effective and high-impact banners.  Available in four height and width options, to maximize the usage of valuable forecourt space. 

The Side Stand is simply secured using the weight of the accompanying vehicle. 

Graphics are easily tensioned with elastics for a professional appearance, and can be changed and updated in minutes.

Wall Mount Systems
Heavy Duty
Standard Duty
The Heavy Duty Wall Mount system allows banners to be installed projecting at 90 degrees from the wall and has been designed to suit very large banner sizes. 

The unit comprises a tough steel wall mount bracket and large 60 mm diameter aluminium arm.  Banner installation and change over is made easy with the use of a tension bar.

Featuring an attractive circular steel bracket and aluminium arm, the Standard Duty system is suitable for use with banners with areas up to 2m
Light Duty
Heavy Duty face fix
This is the ideal budget solution for the wall mounting of banners. Featuring a steel bracket with 25mm diameter arm, the Light Duty system is supplied complete with end cap and collar.

Banners are easily installed or changed by removing the clip connecting the arm to the bracket. Suitable for use of banners with areas up to 1m
This system enables large banners to be secured flat to a wall with the ability to change and tension the banner easily.

Features heavy duty steel brackets with pre-drilled 16mm fixing holes, 60mm aluminium cross bar, tension bar and stainless steel rigging screws and fittings.

Banners are quickly installed and changed by sliding onto the cross bars and tightening the rigging screws.